Jó Mariano - Fora da Lei

Music video for brazilian singer-songwriter Jó Mariano, recorded ad the streets and alleys of Porto and Vila nova de Gaia.

Ophélia Pães Artesanais

Ophélia is a small artisanal bakery in Vila do Conde where delicious bread is handmade, always with the most relaxing classical music. In this film we show the process as it is and as it feels. You can almost smell the fresh baked bread!

Citróleo Group

Come with us into the of the Amazon Forest, where the locals collect and harvest the most natural, sustainable ingredients which Citróleo uses to make their products without harming the environment.

Linear B - Meu Litoral

Music video for brazilian/portuguese band Linear B. We recorded it in both countries to produce this beautiful final product.


Corporate film for Endicon Electrical Engineering,

For this film we traveled Brazil from north to south to show the daily activities of one of the biggest companies in the field.

Alteroza - Palmito

For Alteroza we portray the production process of the most delicious, natural palm heart you can have.

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